Why Reclining Office Chairs Are a Boon To Working Women

In our previous article, we have discussed the benefits of a reclining office chair over a traditional office chair. In today’s article, we are going to share with you, the incredible benefits that a recliner office chair has to offer to work women.


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In our times, both men and women are equally taking their career life seriously and work in corporate companies in various cadres and roles.

Even the corporate industry welcomes and encourages women to work in various grades and departments (thanks to equal opportunity employers).

While working in the corporate world has made women more financially independent and better positioned in their lives, it also has several adverse effects on their health and leads to various pains arising from poor ergonomic furniture at office and home.

Also, women involve in extended activities at home, involving themselves in various household tasks. They put lots of physical efforts in tasks such as preparing food for their family, taking care of children when back from office. This puts lots of stress on their mind and body. They start experiencing various pains such as back pains, neck pains and knee pains.

What Causes These Various Pains and Can They be Avoided?

Pains like back pain, knee pain and joint pains can be attributed to the extended period of sitting on a chair which is not ergonomically designed.

In jobs such as receptionists, customer support executives, telemarketing executive and call centre executives, it’s difficult for women to do relaxation exercises regularly because of their constant workload. And, though regular office chairs do feel comfortable during initial few hours of sitting, they start producing pains after some time.

What’s missing here is a provision or flexibility for relaxing for a while, when they are on the job without disturbing their work schedule.

A reclining office chair can achieve this objective very conveniently. A chair plays a crucial role in everyone’s life, but very few people give importance to it. They only think about their work, projects, assignments, meetings, etc. although every day they suffer from back pain, neck pain, knee pain but never think the cause for that.

Why Women Are More Prone to Work-Related Injuries?

Women have wider hips and their thigh bones tend to curve inward from the hip to the knee, and this alignment can create more stress on the joints.

Hence, every day sitting continuously in one position on the regular office chair can create a tremendous stress and load on the back and knees, which leads to chronic health related issues.

Repeating the same motion on the same part every day can lead to more wear and tear on almost any part of our body resulting damages, sore back and knees. So it is highly recommended that after every 40 minutes people need to stretch their bodies by either getting up from the chair or changing their sitting position and stretching legs. This is where reclining office chairs become so important. They allow you to relax while you are on the work and relieve you from work related pains and injuries.

Reclining Chairs To The Rescue

Thankfully, getting a reclining chair at office and home can greatly influence the way women sit and relax. Some reclining office chairs come with massaging option which help to reduce the pains in upper and lumbar area.

Reclining office chairs are also very good for women during their pregnancy time. During pregnancy, body weight naturally increases and whole body weight falls on the back and knees. This increased body weight causes joint pains in knees and heels even in wrists also. So it is very important to stretch the legs and relax after few minutes of work to reduce the body stiffness. In normal office chairs women never get any relief from all these pains moreover sitting on this chair will further increases all the pains and which is dangerous for both mother and the child.

Again, a reclining chair can be of great help in these situations as there is a proper support for upper back, lower back and neck. There is a separate footrest available which gives a great relaxation for our knees and calf muscles and improves proper blood circulation throughout the body.

By using a  reclining office chair to relax, she can keep her legs in a relaxed position on the footrest or ottoman of the reclining chair. She can lean back in a comfort position after sitting for few hours. She can also have a proper support for neck and head so she will not feel any more strain or pain in shoulders and hands.

Considering the advantages , that a reclining office chair offer to working women, it’s indeed a boon to them.

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