Why It Makes Sense To Invest In A Zero Gravity Recliner?

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While, we have discussed how a massage recliner chair can offer many benefits to your health, today we are going a bit deeper into the same topic by exploring details about the very popular range of recliner chairs – Zero Gravity Recliners.

There are lots of perceptions about zero gravity recliners that they are expensive and are an “expense”.

There is also a lack of clarity whether zero gravity recliners are worth their money or not?

We decided to take this discussion, head-on.

Sounds interesting? Read on.

What is a Zero Gravity Recliner?

Unlike recliner office chairs which are not usually designed to recline till you experience “zero gravity”, zero gravity recliners allow you to recline till an extent that your legs are elevated above your heart region.

They also create a sense of weightlessness and come with highly adjustable controls.

The picture on the right explains this better. Take a look.

How a Zero Gravity Recliner Can Benefit You?

A zero gravity recliner is designed in such a way that you can recline up to 180-195 degrees while sitting upon it. Which means that your legs are elevated above your heart, resulting in less effort for the heart to pump the blood to your whole body.

Excellent soothing relaxation for your back and added benefits to the lung are usual advantages that a zero gravity reclining chair provides.

And, it has also been believed that zero gravity position is the best position to relax which means that you can experience unlimited episodes of best relaxation, sitting at the comfort of your home.

Zero Gravity Chairs With In-Built Massaging Features

Designers understood that recliners and massaging integrate very well with each other. The end goal of both types of equipment is to relax various parts of the body and provide a rejuvenating experience to the user.

This is the very reason why massage recliners are so popular.

Now, the massaging capabilities are being integrated in zero gravity recliners as well. For instance, this electric full body massage chair has power rollers inbuilt which are used to relieve you from muscle stress and decreasing fatigue. It also uses chop and tap actions to relax stiff muscles and soften thick layers which are result of fatty deposits. What’s more, with advancement of technology, these recliners incorporate some of the latest features in massaging and offer you complete control and flexibility on to switch on/off any feature you like.

To help you to understand, what a zero gravity recliner can do to your body, we have grabbed an excellent video which explains the benefits of zero gravity reclining.  Enjoy the video below,

How To Choose a Best Zero Gravity Recliner?

Want to buy a zero gravity recliner? Don’t hurry, because we would like to cover the topic of selecting a best zero gravity recliner in a separate blog post rather. However, a short version is here.

First of all, you need to decide what features you are looking for in the recliner. Do you need massaging features? (we recommend this)

Make sure that the recliner has automated programs for massaging, and you have adjustable controls for customising the comfort levels.

Then comes, critical consideration: price of the recliner. A fully loaded zero gravity recliner can cost of thousand dollars and above. They are certainly not cheap. However, if you look at the long-term benefits (we explained this in our earlier article) of massaging, a one-time investment in the equipment is not going to be a waste of money considering the fact that your whole family is going to benefit from it.

And if you are a corporate, then your entire staff is going to get a relaxing and enjoyable experience while sitting on this chair. Decor? No worries, zero gravity recliners are trendy and stylish to match your corporate culture 🙂

To further ease your search in locating a best quality zero gravity recliner, we are recommending below ones based on our research.

5 Top Zero Gravity Recliners

Your Turn

Hope  the article well explained about the beneficial properties that can be experienced by using a zero gravity recliner. Though recliners like these can appear to be expensive on the first look, however, if you consider them as investment (not expense), they are not really expensive.

Because they are going to pay back for themselves in the long run.

Keep relaxing 🙂

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