What is a Reclining Office Chair?

In this article, we are going to discuss the fundamental topic of our website. What is a reclining office chair?

Meaning of Reclining and Reclining Chairs

Reclining means, swivelling – leaning back in a relaxed position with the back support. While sitting on a reclining chair, a person can lean back from 25 degrees to lying position. He can also adjust the back recline according to his comfort level.

These chairs swivelling seat, so that the seat can rotate 360 degrees and seat height also can be adjusted same like regular office chairs.

Also, reclining chairs have a footrest which is foldable. Sometimes, it comes with separate footstool like structure called ottoman which is made of same material as the chair. In this kind of reclining chair, the footrest will lift up when you recline the seat back with the help of a lever. This footrest gives great support to your calf muscles and helps to reduce the strain on your legs.

The recliner gives support for your lower back lumbar region.  The height of the seat can also be adjusted according to comfort. A reclining chair consists of padded headrest and armrest which again enhance the comfort level and reduce the pain and strain on the neck and arms. The five prolonged base with appropriate cast gives fine grip and good stability to the chair.

Reclining chairs in office

ID-10076332-199x300A corporate office culture demands constant sitting on a chair and carrying out day to day activities. This kind of prolonged sitting can have a harmful impact on a person’s health.

Pains in the back area, stiffness in neck, pains in arms are becoming quite common issues due to prolonged sitting and corporate work culture.

Off late, reclining chairs are finding their place in office due to their usefulness and benefits they offer. Corporates are encouraging executives for using reclining chairs that combine relaxing factor and also enable them to work.

With reclining chairs, one can sit more comfortably and do his office work with enhanced efficiency.

Another significant benefit of a recliner or reclining chair is the footrest it provides which is called ottoman. Most of the modern reclining chairs do come with a separate ottoman.

Sitting in a reclining position is the perfect way to relax for a while and refresh yourself from the stress and strain. You can also enjoy listening to a soothing music using headphones while relaxing.

Reclining chairs with massage option

Recent recliners come with a massager integrated within (For example, this one from comfort products). Massaging is a great way to relax your muscles. A massage reclining chair consists of vibrating massage motors to relax the upper back, mid back, lower back, thighs and calves.

It gives an excellent soothing heat treatment to the lumbar area. One can feel relaxed and pain-free after sitting for some time on this chair.

Reclining chairs are becoming very popular in offices considering the benefits they offer. Taking into consideration of the fact that people spend maximum time in office in a sitting position and they complain of various problems of pains (back, neck and muscle related) when coming back home. A reclining chair can be of great use to them for relaxing and rejuvenating while at work

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