Stressed Out At Work? You Need A Reclining Office Chair and a De-Stress Routine

Warning: By no means you should consider that buying a recliner chair will solve your problems related to work or business. However, what’s amazing to see here is how relaxing your body and mind will  have profound effect on your office productivity and rejuvenating yourself will better equip you to face challenges and handle them effectively.
ID-10075966-230x230Because a relaxed mind and fit body leads to enhanced productivity. There is no doubt about that.

So, want to know how getting a recliner and a de-stress routine indirectly help your engagement at work?

Join us in this interesting exploration.In fact, we are glad that you are interested in this discussion.

Okay, let’s get this straight. You are a busy office executive, hopping from one meeting to another, switching from one call to another and not all calls are music to ears. Some discussions can easily shoot up your blood pressure.

And, being in an executive position, your job is to manage things and respond appropriately. And this responsibility puts bit of  (actually lots of) stress on you. On top of that if you are the one who also travels a lot because of business reasons, then you would be also suffering from physical stress such as back pain, muscle stiffness which multiply your overall stress factor.

Your Are Stressed Out – Mentally and Physically

You need to admit this.

Being in stressful condition is not a very uncommon condition. But, only few people take time to find the root cause of this stress and come up with action plan. They instead become more busier.

Busyness is NOT always means business

Is There A Better Way of for Managing Stress at Office?

Fortunately, there are many, only if you are aware of them and try them. Here are few tips.

  • Avoid multitasking, practice single tasking – You can’t really do many things at a time. If you do, then mediocre quality is the result. Multi-tasking not only generates poor results, it’s even dangerous.
  • Don’t do everything by yourself – Delegate your tasks to subordinates. In this way you free yourself from some of the tasks. This also means, you get these works done on time and your job is to review them and take it to end-shape.
  • Slow down – Try slowing down a bit, instead of pushing yourself hard for completing all the tasks that are in your task bucket, add a priority to each tasks and attend them based on priority.
  • Relieve yourself from physical stress – This is one of the commonly ignored topic by executives. Unless you have a body which is fit and pain free, your mind won’t be really able to deliver it’s fullest potential. So start paying attention to the pains you are experiencing. Look at the root cause and find out what is causing these pains? In a short while, we will share with you few simple tips that help you to relax and rejuvenate yourself, no matter how busy your office schedule is

Get a Reclining Office Chair and Relax

ID-10076331-230x230Seriously, invest in a reclining office chair, if possible with a massaging feature (massaging offers many health advantages).

Fix the recliner in a convenient place, either in your work cabin, or at gym area or at the lobby of your office.

Make conscious efforts to relax : You just need to pick up a good pair of headphones, feed them with good soothing music and sit back on the recliner and relax.

You would notice how soothing it is to sit on these recliner chairs when compared to your regular office chairs.

Get a massage to your body : Again, some recliner office chair have advanced massaging features. Why not take advantage of those? Just turn on the massaging features of the recliner and get a good massage. For instance, this massage recliner (RelaxZen is the brandname) , has 8 powerful motors for relaxing your upper back, mid back, thighs and calves. It also has heat treatment feature for soothing your lumbar area.

All it takes is 15 minutes of time from your daily schedule and you can notice that your stress levels are coming down and you will be better equipped to handle tasks that are in your plate.

If this works now for you, why not make it a regular habit? You should, in fact.

It’s just about investing one time in a good recliner chair and enjoy its benefits in the years to come.

Do simple stretching exercises: You need to relax various parts of your body, such as shoulders, fingers, and even eyes.  We couldn’t resist sharing these wonderful articles called Ten Ways To De-Stress At Work and Lose Stress at Work- 4 Things to Try Today.

Your Turn

Hope this article was useful and made you to relax a bit, Do let us know your thoughts and the actions you took to de-stress yourself during your busy office schedule. We are eager to hear.

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