Review of Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Massage Reclining Office Chair

A reclining chair at the office can be a boon to modern working professionals including men and women, considering the excellent benefits the chair is going to offer regarding combined benefits of relaxation and comfort.

No wonder, more and more corporate executives and office employees are preferring reclining office chairs over a traditional office chair.

Today, in this article, we are reviewing one of the very favourite reclining chairs which can be used at the office as well as home. And that is Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Massage Reclining Chair.

Let’s see how this reclining office chair fairs in various departments.

Detailed Review of Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Massage Reclining Office Chair

Comfort Factor

Relaxzen reclining chair feels great when you sit on it, and you can recline yourself to various comfortable positions. You will get the feeling of top quality leather while sitting on this chair.

Things that add to your comfort factor are the adjustable controls such as swivel, recline and recline tension adjustments.

Integration of massaging feature: Another excellent thing about this relaxzen reclining chair is it has massaging feature integrated within the chair with the user having the option of selecting one of the 9 pre-programmed modes and choose one of 5 intensity levels for getting a great massage.

Isn’t it very cool? The chair has 8 vibration motors for massaging and relaxing your upper back, mid back, thighs and calves.

Design of the chair

Relaxzen reclining chair is made up of comfort soft upholstery and the size of chair conveniently suits most of the body types.

The seat pan, armrests, backseat, and ottoman are padded to provide you excellent comfort.

Seat or seat pan

The front of the seat pan has rounded edge to prevent the uncomfortable pressure at the calves. The seat pan depth is perfect to maintain proper blood circulation.

The seat pan tilt allows changing sitting postures. The material of the seat is of good quality and durable. The seat height can be adjusted according to one’s height. The swivel seat can help you to rotate the chair to 360 degrees.


The armrests are padded comfort soft upholstery and the lengthy armrests provide utmost support for the arms and relieve you from painful symptoms.

Back seat

The chair is well padded, especially for relaxing your lower back and neck and also features soothing heat treatment in the lower back (lumbar) area. You can recline the back seat according to your comfort. Back seat provides a great comfort to upper back, lower back and neck.

Foot rest

The chair comes along with a separate foot rest called ottoman which is also comfort soft upholstery.

You can place and adjust the ottoman according to your comfort level while you are sitting on the reclining chair. Ottoman provides you good support to your calf muscles and painful knees and allows proper blood circulation throughout the legs.


The base of both reclining chair and ottoman is wrapped with leather material.

Quick Specs of Relaxzen Reclining Office Chair

Chair Dimensions45.5L*34W*35.5H
Weight50.6 Pounds
FabricComfort Soft Upholstery
FeaturesSwivel, Recline with Ottoman, Recline tension adjustment, Massaging

Special Features That Make Relaxzen Reclining Office Chair a Winner

Size: The size of the chair is 45.5L*34W*35.5H which makes it very easy to be used by people of varying body types, including tall and fat people. The chair support weight up to 300lbs.

Massaging: The chair has 8 vibrating massage motors to give a relaxing effect for upper back, mid back, lower back, thighs and calves. It comes with the 9 pre-programmed massaging modes and 5 intensity levels. You can get the massaging effect even on the ottoman also.

Fabric: It is made up of comfort soft upholstery which gives it a look and feel of top-class leather.

Maintenance: Cleaning is very effortless comparing to leather and micro suede.

Cost: Very economical compared to other chairs out there.

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Your Turn

Hope you enjoyed the review of Relaxzen reclining office chair. It can be of great convenience to office goers and can be used even at home. Sitting on a relaxing massage chair would certainly re-energize your body and relax the muscles.

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