Ogawa Massage Chair Review

Gone are the days when people used to get deterred by high price tags of massage chairs. Now more and more people are willing to pay a bit more as an investment for their health and wellness. In today’s article, we are reviewing one of such high-end massage chairs – Ogawa Active SuperTrac Massage Chair.

How Can a Massage Benefit you?

When you think of massage, you think of an afternoon at the spa, being pampered with a mud bath, feeling the heat of the sauna, and rejuvenating your skin with fresh peels and wraps. But there is another side an increasing trend called sports therapy massage.

Massage is a natural choice for warming up muscles before physical activity. This helps the body to recover more quickly from physical activity. Massage chairs provide a convenient and practical way to integrate daily massage therapy into your health program.

Massage chair therapy provides a natural method in which to treat your body. Massage has been used for centuries for pain relief, relaxation, and recuperation. In fact, many distinct types of massage techniques have been developed in many different parts of the world.

Many Americans are turning to massage chairs to provide relaxation and relieve tension. Our schedules are very busy, and it is sometimes hard to allocate enough time to meet our health goals. Massage recliners offer a practical way to integrate massage therapy into your daily routine.

Relaxation and quiet time are important for the body to recover. Many of us have very busy schedules and don’t eat right or exercise often enough. Sometimes it’s too hard to do too many things can go to many places. Massage recliners provide a haven in your home or office where five or 10 minutes of relaxing massage can make all the difference.

Introduction and Review of Ogawa Massage Chair

Just having an Ogawa Active SuperTrac Massage Chair available invites you to relax. Just take a few minutes, and have a seat. Close your eyes and push one of the automatic programs. Your relaxation session has just begun. The Active SuperTrac brings something heretofore not seen in the massage chair industry.

The amazing features that stand out on this chair make it stand out among the rest. The quality is up there with some of the most expensive massage chairs, and the look is eye-catching. The material used in a very high-grade synthetic leather that looks and feels like real leather.

The Ogawa active is built to accommodate people with broader shoulder and seat room making it more comfortable just to sit in. This is a great option for people with wider shoulders because it helps the chair less tight on the shoulders. The chair also is not as bulky, but can still accommodate someone between 5’ and 6’4” easily.

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Quick Specifications

  • Weight: 290lbs
  • Colours: Black, Cherry, Chocolate, Graphite
  • Energy consumption: 250W
  • Recommended user height and weight: 5′ – 6’4”, 300 lbs
  • LCD style remote control
  • Country of production: China

Features of Ogawa Massage Chair

Body scan technology

This Ogawa Active SuperTrac is capable of measuring you and your size accurately that you will feel that every massage program has been personalized just for you.

Roller technology

The Ogawa Active SuperTrac offers an extended roller track technology that can offer massage of the thigh and buttocks. Other extended roller track chairs offer the thigh and buttocks massage when the chair is in a zero gravity position. Now, you can recline the chair backward and enjoy a lower quadrant roller massage.

Foot rollers

The foot rollers technology is the answer to those who are always on their feet all day long. Foot rollers provide a therapeutic foot massage, which is something that almost everyone is looking for.

Nine automatic programs

You can select from: Gentle, Relax, Vigorous, Demo, UNIQ1, UNIQ2, Full Air, and 2 Stretch programs, stretching your upper body and helps therapy your lower body.

Heat functions

You can use the lumbar heating element to soften up those tightened low back muscles so that the rollers can have an even greater impact on your muscle tightness.

Additional features

  • Ogawa has used high-quality synthetic leather that is smooth
  • USB chargers
  • Add time and pause
  • Removable padding

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Ratings of Ogawa Massage Chair

8.4Total Score

Ogawa Massage Chair is a pretty impressive beast when it comes to advanced massage. Integrated with superior massage features, it justifies its heavy price tag

Comfort Factor
Ease of setup
Massage Rating
  • There many options to choose from with this massage chair
  • Numerous automatic programs available
  • The super track roller technology is impressive
  • Provides extra attention for your body
  • Sleek design
  • Relatively expensive
  • A bit heavy
  • this chair weighs 250 lbs
  • Assemble the chair might be a program because of too much body parts


The Ogawa Active Supertrac review has proved that this chair is equipped with everything you could ever want in a massage chair. With this chair, you’re getting the complete package; a full body massage, zero gravity, several programs, various settings, plus top of the line technology.

The product also helps to maintain a healthy blood circulation which revives us with energy. The Ogawa Active Supertrac Massage chair is a gadget that put more elegance to your house as well as value in your lives.

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