Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Reclining Office Chair From Online Sources?


Should I buy a reclining office chair online? (Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos)

You see, online shopping has become immensely popular over last decade, and you can shop for anything and everything online.

What’s more, you get your favourite items delivered to your doorstep for free, and you do get best deals to choose from.

Having highlighted that, when it comes to things like a reclining office chair, is it a good idea to buy it online?

At the core of this question, what needs to be observed is, online buying might prevent you from doing some of the following checks that you, otherwise do before you choose a reclining office chair,

  • You may want to sit and experience on the recliner chair and feel before you buy it
  • You may want to see what are the actual dimensions of the chair
  • You may want to confirm whether the chair suits to your body type or not
  • You may want to verify the quality and build of the chair physically
  • You want to do all of above because a reclining chair is a relaxing chair and you want to see what is the level of comfort; the chair is going to offer

Feels really good !!

Now, does buying a reclining chair online will allow you to do all of above verifications?

Certainly, not.

Does that mean, you should NOT buy things like reclining chairs from online?

The answer is not a simple yes or no.

In fact, the answer opened up a whole bunch of possible scenarios while choosing a reclining office chair (for that matter, any product) and we recommend that you read this article till the end to arrive at a conclusion.

Let’s get straight to the various scenarios.

Scenario 1: Go to nearest furniture store and buy a reclining chair from there


  • You can experience and feel the comfort level of reclining office chair
  • You can physically verify the dimensions and quality of leather, adjustable controls


  • It might not be feasible to locate an excellent furniture store. And it mostly depends on upon the locality you live
  • It’s time-consuming to hop from one store to another store in case you want to see another model of reclining chair
  • The store may not have a broad range of products related to recliners
  • You are not sure whether you are getting the best deal concerning price. The price will be higher in local stores than in online sources

Scenario 2: Go to online store (for example Amazon), select your model and buy from local furniture store

Let’s see this hybrid model of choosing and purchasing a reclining chair. In this model, you browse the popular online store and shortlist 3-4 models of chair depending upon specifications, price and ratings and then visit a local store to verify the product physically.

Not a bad idea 🙂


  • You have more chances of getting a better chair since you would be getting good deals and cross verifying physical product at local store
  • Time consumed in overall shopping process would be less since you already know which model to buy
  • Better negotiation with local store can happen since you know the best prices already


  • Your local store may not have the model you have chosen online
  • You may need to visit more than one local store to get the model you have chosen (Time consumed will be more)
  • A local store may not necessarily give you the same deal (price) you checked online. In this case, you have no choice, but to go with the offer the local store is giving you

Scenario 3: Choose and buy directly from online source


  • Huge range to select from, since various suppliers are available
  • You can shortlist based on customer reviews (for example, Amazon customer reviews)
  • Quickly compare with other similar items online
  • Detailed specifications available to read
  • Get the best deals
  • Quick / Free Shipping
  • Money back guarantee is given by most of the online stores (at least Amazon offers this)
  • Overall, you can save 80% of time in locating a great quality reclining chair when compared to other methods


  • No option of physically verifying the product before buying

Your Turn

We compared 3 models of choosing and buying a reclining office chair. Hope it was informative and detailed enough to enable you to take a wise decision.

Coming back to the essence of this article, whether to buy a reclining office chair online or not; Since, buying online has more advantages than cons, and also considering the enhanced convenience factor of door delivery, easy return policies (risk-free), online seems a very safe and obvious choice to us. To reaffirm this, we saw that reclining office chairs are widely bought by people regularly.

How about you? What is your favourite way to buy a reclining chair for office or home?

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