Importance of Ergonomics in a Reclining Office Chair

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Ergonomic Chair – Secret of my productivity !!

We saw in our earlier article that how a reclining office chair can offer more benefits to office desk workers when compared to regular office chairs.

These advantages are attributed to their ergonomic design and adjustable controls; the reclining chairs are integrated with.

Today in this article, we will explore the importance of ergonomics and how it plays a vital role in the design of reclining office chairs.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of work. It is derived from the Greek words “ergon”, which means work and “nomoi” means natural laws. By combining these two words, it gives the meaning, science of work and the person’s relationship to that work.

The principle of ergonomics: “The science of fitting the work to the user rather of forcing the user to fit the work”. Ergonomic also means human factors, human engineering.

Ergonomics helps manufacturers to design chairs that are specifically built keeping in mind of various workplace-related factors. These chairs are equipped with highly adjustable and flexible controls to meet the variety of postures and support different human body structures.

Because, a workplace is a home away from home, where billions of working professionals across the globe spend equal or more time how much they spend in their homes! On an average, people spend more than 6 hours sitting on the chairs and have to deal with lots of physical and cognitive issues resulting in loads of stress on the individual.

Thankfully, in modern day workplaces, a lot of emphasis is laid upon working conditions of office workers. Corporates are conducting lots of research to get the best of best furniture into their office setup so that their employees need not worry about health issues that arise because of poorly designed desks or chairs.

So, ergonomically designed furniture are the demand of the day.

Ergonomic chairs focus on realistic details

The design of any ergonomic office chair is inspired by suggestions and clues from everyday problems and issues faced by office workers.

Let’s take a everyday happening, realistic example: Since everyone has to sit for more than six hours (average)  daily on chairs to carry out their work in office, and during this span of period, everyone’s body can shift to different sitting postures.

One can sit straight for few minutes , and then in the attentive period, the body changes its posture to some other kind of relaxation posture because , body and mind senses the triggers that sitting in same position can lead to aches in the back and the spinal cord.

Problems like above cases, led designers to incorporate adjustable controls which are flexible and easy for people sitting on the chair to change their postures according to their needs.

Sitting for long periods is dangerous

While ergonomically designed chairs are definitely of great help to office desk workers, it’s not really a good thing to sit for long hours without stretching your muscles in short bursts of break.

It’s recommended that you take a break every 45 minutes and walk around to relax your leg muscles (improved blood circulation) and do simple stretching exercises. Take time to sip some water as well. Don’t forget that water is one of biggest anti-oxidant available for free !!

Read this article which explains, why sitting for long periods can take toll on your body and what kind of injuries you may have to deal with.

Everyone’s body has a different structure, and ergonomic design understands that

Most of the reclining office chairs are ergonomically structured.

Ergonomics factor allowed designers to keep in mind of various body shapes and the expected postures they may change to while sitting. Because two body structures are never same, be it thighs, shin lengths or lumbar curves

Ergonomics chairs are made, considering all these factors.

It’s all about adjustable controls

In ergonomic reclining office chairs, you can find several adjustment controls like chair recline tilt, seat angle tilt adjustment, seat height and depth adjustment, backrest angle adjustment, armrest height and width adjustment, lumbar pump depth adjustment and height adjustment, finally headrest height adjustment.

Because of above flexibility, you may not experience that usual fatigue while sitting for long hours at your desk. If you are less stressed and feel less fatigue, naturally it leads to more productivity and quality at work. And corporates love that !

Take care and see you, in the next article.

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