iJoy 2310 Massage Chair Review

In our today’s review, we are discussing one of the most sophisticated massage chairs out there – The iJoy massage chair. But why robotic massagers are gaining so much popularity and attention? Because, like in any technological revolution, massage chairs are evolved so much that they tend to mimic a human touch and they are made available to ease and comfort your burden right at your very doorstep. The evolution of science and technology has made some incredible technological advances.

A consumer looking for a chiropractic chair is offered dozens of brands to choose from, all of them promising better features and that distinct “human touch” we all look for. Some chairs provide impressive capabilities but look boringly drab among your decor, while others look chic but end up hurting you instead of healing you.

Today, you don’t need to look any further. Something that looks good, and feels good is already in the market. Enter iJoy-2310 Recline & Relax Robotic Massage Chair. A smooth mixture of sophisticated design and top-of-the-line features distinguishes iJoy-2310 among other similar products.

With its complex velveteen outer cover made of polyester and its highly modernistic shape, the iJoy-2310 can be a formidable design piece that compliments any urban or futuristic living room. It makes for a fantastic piece of sleek, modern decor that is perfect for the people living in the now.

Why Robotic Chairs?

These mechanical servants are here to take care of all your whims and needs. We need to have a break from time to time to avoid wearing out too fast. The beauty of a robotic massage chair is that you can have a stress relieving moment without going anywhere.

You just have to sit comfortably on it and then let the massage chair do its thing. Before going to the benefits that you will get on this massage chair, let us first have an in-depth knowledge of it and how it operates to our benefits.

A robotic massage chair is a special chair has a built-in electronic motor and gears that are specifically designed to massage and give comfort to the person sitting in them. This new modified technology chairs have some form of a controller that a person can decide whether which type of massage she likes, its location, or the intensity of a message a person wants.

Review of iJoy Massage Chair

This highly resembles recliners and is a lot similar when it terms of its functioning as well. This can differ in different types that include style, batteries, and other features. However, its primary purpose remains the same. This is to give utmost comfort to the user.

Features of iJoy 2310

3 massage programs

iJoy-2310 comes with massage programs. The first program is for the lumbar section of the back; this is for those who spend long hours working. The second focus on massaging neck and upper back. The last program provides a comprehensive massage across the entire back.

Control intensity

The iJoy-2310 massage chair comes with a remote control, given to help you monitor the intensity of the massage. It can also be used to adjust the focus of the massage. This is a great function, as it helps to direct the pressure where it’s needed most.

Soft pad

Using the softening pad is just another way of adjusting the pressure of the massage, which comes with the chair. You can easily insert the pad into the back of the chair; this will create a soft barrier between the massaging rollers and your body. For those who prefer a more sensitive massage like; elderly, or people who have recently had surgery, this is a perfect match.

There are four massage techniques to choose from

There are four different methods in total, which correlate closely to professional massage movements; such as kneading, rolling, tapping and compressing. This helps to recreate the sensation of human touch on the back.


The iJoy-2310 is much lighter than other massage chairs, making it a great option for those who want to move it around the home or even take it on vacation with them.

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Ratings of iJoy Massage Chair

7.8Total Score
Value for Money

iJoy massage chair is an entry level massage chair that appeals to people with tight budget and puts up a decent performance

Comfort Factor
Ease of setup
Massage Rating
  • Comes in two different color
  • Affordable price
  • Three automatic massage programs
  • Lightweight
  • Softening pad for more relaxing massage
  • No hand or head massage program
  • Too flat to the floor
  • making it hard for people with mobility issues
  • Limited features
  • Absence of headrest and leg rest

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As one of the cheapest massage chairs on the market, the iJoy-2310 is ideal for those looking for an entry-level, at-home massage experience. The cost is also affordable for people who need the massaging chair on an occasional basis or those who simply want to enjoy a short massage each day.

Also comes with a two-year limited warranty, which covers any malfunction that occurs during this time due to defects in artistry or materials used. The three automatic programs help the user to target particularly painful areas on the back and offers an excellent level of flexibility, which is a nice feature.

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