Health Advantages Of Massage Recliner Chairs

We have discussed the benefits of a reclining office chair compared to traditional office chair earlier.

How about a massage after a long working day at the office? Wouldn’t it be nice to get?

Traditionally, to get a gentle massage, you would need to locate a certified massage therapist and schedule an appointment. And even after scheduling an appointment, you will need to drive your car to therapist’s office.

Quite cumbersome isn’t it?

In today’s world, most folks wish instant gratification and have restricted time in their busy life. If cash was not a limitation, then most of us would get a massage weekly, or presumably twice or thrice every week.

Massage Recliners Have Evolved

By adapting to emerging technology, massage recliners have advanced beyond traditional massage rollers to high-tech massaging assistants that can very well emulate a human touch.

There are many health advantages that you can expect from a massage from a well-trained therapist or a massage recliner.

A trained massage therapist understands how to relieve you from the muscle tensions resulting from everyday stress.

Similarly, massage recliners, armed with advanced features, do more than just rubbing your back. Popular models like Zero Gravity, Human Touch, iJoy, Relaxzen or EC-69  can provide excellent massage to your legs, feet, arms and shoulders.

What are the Health Benefits of Getting a Massage?

Improves Blood Circulation. The act of massaging and kneading the muscles will increase blood flow. Health advantages are better circulation and absorption of nutritional elements into your muscles and tissues. Additionally, kneading the muscles allows the toxin to flush out of muscles.

Reduce Muscular Tensions and Enhance Flexibility. Body tensions and stress often results in tightening of muscles and eventually shortening of muscles. A massage can benefit your muscles by loosening the tight muscles and restoring natural range and flexibility.

Feel Good chemical: A session of massage therapy can produce the ‘feel good chemical’, the same endorphin that is generally increased after a workout session at the gym. This ‘feel good chemical’ can helps speed recovery, decrease muscular pain and reduces anxiety levels.

Clearer thinking patterns: Another advantage from a massage that is seldom discussed is your thoughts become more apparent. A relaxed body results in relaxed mind as well. When you get rid of body pains and the restored the range of motion of your neck area, your mind will be in a better condition to efficiently handle everyday activities.

Another benefit of a massage recliner is the fact it is a recliner chair.  You can very well explain the level of comfort you experience while sitting on a reclining chair. Which means that, even if you do not activate the features of the massaging, the reclining chair itself provides you soothing feeling when seated upon it.

A simple sitting on such comfortable chairs can relax your body and reduce body tensions

Cost of Massage Recliners

If you want to get a massage at a massage therapist’s office, the rate can range from $50 to $150 (this can vary) depending on the therapist’s level of training and the city they are located in.

However, on the other hand, massage recliners don’t come cheap but can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Thankfully, there have been great massage recliners which are affordable as well, such as this one.

So, over a period, a massage recliner can pay for itself and offer several health benefits.

Other cost savings of having a recliner at home is other family members can use the same recliner and enjoy the same health benefits as you. Also, most of the massage recliners are designed to look stylish and are a beautiful enhancement to your existing home decor.

Your Turn

Whether you want to pay a massage therapist for a massage or buy a recliner massage, it’s your choice. Both of options provide you health benefits. Which one would you like to go for? We love to hear.

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