Boss LeatherPlus Chair V/S Lorell High Back Chair – Which is The Best Office Chair?

In today’s post, we are presenting you a head-to-head comparison of two very popular office chairs.

Executive High Back Office Chair from Lorell and LeatherPlus Office Chair from Boss.

Idea of the post is to share the similarities of both of the chairs as well as differences, so that if you are on the fence for deciding which one to go for, this post might be just right for you 🙂

Let’s bring on the comparison then.


Lorell Chair has dimensions of 31.9 x 23.8 x 14.4 inches whereas the Boss chair measures 28 (deep)x 26.5 (wide) x 48.5 inches, you can see that that both the chairs slightly differ in dimensions. The weight of both the chairs is similar (48 pounds).

Winner: It’s a tie 🙂

Design and Comfort Factor

Lorell has to mesh back / high back design and Boss is a waterfall based design, and it has leather material.

You will feel more comfortable while sitting on the LeatherPlus Chair from Boss, however, the high back design of the Lorell executive chair provides excellent support to natural curves of your back.

Winner: Boss LeatherPlus Office Chair

Adjustable Controls

Both the chairs have lots of options when it comes to adjusting the chair according to one’s posture.

We felt that the Lorell Chair offers better flexibility than the Boss executive chair that we are comparing.

It has pneumatic seat adjustment, 360-degree swivel and tilt, finally asynchronous three-lever controls. It also has seat height adjustment control.

The boss chair also has some options for holding the chair in the upright locking position and controlling the tilt tension.

Lorell High-Back Executive Chair

Winner: Lorell Executive Chair


Lorell has adjustable armrests, whereas Boss chair doesn’t.

You might need to adjust armrests depending upon your body type and design of the desk you are working. Since Lorell provides those options, it scores more points here.

Winner: Lorell Executive Chair


Both chairs are not very expensive when it comes to price. (Check the latest price of Boss LeatherPlus on Amazon) and for the Lorell you would need to spend little more  (Check the updated price of Lorell on Amazon).

Winner: Boss LeatherPlus Office Chair

Quick Specs

Lorell Executive ChairBoss LeatherPlus Executive Chair
DesignMesh BackWaterfall- Leather
Dimensions31.9 x 23.8 x 14.4 inches28 x 26.5 x 48.5 inches
Weight48.4 Pounds48 Pounds
Adjustable ControlsArm Rest adjustment, Seat Height Adjustment,360 Degree Swivel and tilt controlSeat height adjustment
Where to Buy?See full user reviews, ratings on AmazonSee more user reviews, ratings on Amazon


We felt that both of the chairs score well in one or the other areas.

If you tend to do lots of computer work , sitting long hours, then we recommend you to go for Lorell Executive Chair since it offers lots of adjustable controls.

If you are an executive who spends most of the time meeting other staff and in meetings and uses the chair occasionally, then Boss executive chair would be ideal choice since it offers a great comfort to the back. So choosing between these two chairs is subjected to the nature of work you do.

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