Benefits of Reclining Office Chair over a Traditional Office Chair

Reclining office chairs are finding their ways into numerous offices in recent days. And why not?

They offer lots of benefits to office executives and employees who work for long hours and now reclining chairs allow them to relax and continue work with more zeal and enthusiasm.

The problem with traditional office chairs

In our times, we spend most of our day time in office and a desk job demands you to sit on chairs for long hours. Though it’s always advisable to do simple muscle relaxing exercises during your work hours, people are seldom able to regularly follow the exercise routine.

Back Pain Person StandingNow, the traditional office chairs are not bad. But they are designed to facilitate you work, not relax.

Why relax during office hours?  Because a relaxed and rejuvenated mind and body are just more productive and efficient.

People start to office in the morning and when they reach the office, they are fresh and energetic, start their work at a desk sitting on regular office chairs.

For the first fifteen to twenty minutes it’s all fine with their sitting position. However, after some time they are already starting to experience a little pain in neck ,because in regular office chairs there is no proper support for neck as they don’t have a headrest. Unfortunately, pains like these are ignored by office executives and the work is continued.

Later, they start to lift their elbows and start to stretch both hands as the chair does not have proper armrests. And in some chairs, we can not even adjust the height of the chair to make the armrests at equal height to the desk. In most of the time the desk is at more height and our hands will be in position towards the desk hindering the proper blood circulation throughout the hands.

People then, start feeling some pulling sensation even in full hands and fingers. So this will also create a pain in shoulders, and now the pain is in neck, shoulders and hands.

Next comes the main part of our body which is our lower back that holds the full body weight. When we sit on a chair our total body weight falls on our lower back called lumbar. So for lumbar area, a proper support is very essential. However, in our regular office chairs, we can’t get that support, because the chairs are same for all, the who is tall, short, lean or fatty and in which we can not adjust anything.

After few hours of work, people start changing their sitting positions on the chair. But they never get the proper support for our back which starts paining. Though, they take couple of breaks such as for tea and lunch, they are again back to the same chair !

Prolonged sitting on improper chairs can start producing pains throughout our legs and thighs calf muscles, ankles and even the foot. We start to stretch the legs but never get complete relief from the pain/inconvenience.

Ignorance is (NOT) bliss, especially in the case of relaxation

So, we now know that sitting on improper chairs for long hours can cause pains in various parts of our bodies and the regular office chairs are not actually designed to help you relax a bit between your work.

Most of the people ignore the pains and some people even take pain killers for body pain every day because due to the pain they can’t get a good sleep. Addiction to pain killers is dangerous.

Since we are now aware of the fact that how the combination of prolonged sitting and improper office chairs can cause harmful effects on our bodies.

Next question arises, can a reclining office chair solve this problem? What are the benefits of reclining chairs over regular office chairs?

Advantages and Benefits of reclining chairs

Reclining ChairA reclining chair is designed keeping in mind of various relaxing position a person feels comfortable, and the chair has those convenient adjustable controls.

Most importantly, reclining office chairs are made considering the various ergonomic factors.

Most of the modern recliner office chairs have,

  • Cushioned seat, headrest and armrests ( we can adjust the height of the armrests according to our comfort)
  • A cushioned footrest or ottoman ( which gives support to the legs)
  • A height adjustable lever through which we can adjust our chair height according to our comfort
  • One more lever to recline the back seat according to our comfort which gives a great support to lumbar region of our body
  • A 360 degrees swivel through which chair can be rotated effortlessly

Your Turn

So, considering the ergonomic design and benefits , reclining office chairs score excellent marks when compared to regular office chairs. After all, corporate culture will surely love the enhanced productivity due to bursts of relaxation breaks during work.

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