5 Simple Things You Can Do While Relaxing on A Reclining Office Chair

We are living in a world where there is competition everywhere, be it in schools, offices and all over our society.

People thrive to achieve more and more heights in their career and jobs, and they are getting busier with each passing day.

This kind of lifestyle creates lots of stress among people, and they need to find a way to relax and rejuvenate. Mainly, sitting for long hours at desks leads to tensions in muscles, stiffness in legs and pains in back and neck.

Sitting on reclining chairs is an excellent way to relax yourselves even during office hours so that you feel more refreshed and can be back to work with more zeal and energy.

You can relax in many ways while sitting in your favourite reclining chair at the office.

Here are the top 5 things we thought of (We are already practising most of these :-))


ID-10076393In our modern times, meditation has taken various shapes.

From yoga to guided meditation, there are a wide array of things that can be practised in meditation.

However, meditation need not be as planned or as guided as yoga; it can be simply relaxing yourselves while listening to a soothing music using a headphone.

Don’t underestimate the power of meditation; it’s all about relaxing your mind and allowing it to create fresh thoughts. Just find a good soothing music and put the track in your mobile or laptop and start relaxing.

A 10 or 15 minutes of active meditation can do wonders to your mind and body.

If you are finding it difficult to choose a track specially designed for meditation, we recommend you to download this free meditation track.

Listening to music


You will feel refreshed and stress-free if you develop a habit of listening to soothing music, regularly during your relaxation break.

Find a suitable audio track and get a good quality headphone. That’s all you need to get started

Sit back on your recliner office chair and enjoy the music. An excellent way to relax.

Take a short nap

A short nap during afternoon can do enhance your energy levels and make you feel refreshed. Set a time limit of 15-20 minutes and when you wake up, you will notice that you are more relaxed and ready for taking on your next task at the office.

Problem Solving

This is a surprise addition to this list?  Not really. Sometimes, when we are dealing with complex issues or problems that need to be solved in a particular time frame, we often hit a mental roadblock or experience a blank state of mind.

Try this; Relax yourself on a recliner and pour fresh thoughts to your “complex” problem in a free-flowing fashion, looking the problem from various angles.

Just focus on that issue and think that this is the only issue you need to solve now and your life will be much easier once you crack this problem. When you start thinking in this focused way in a stress-free mode, you will find new solutions to your complex problems.

Relaxing is not just relaxing your body, it’s relaxing your mind as well. And a relaxed mind is more receptive and to find solutions.



Man Relaxing

Just relax; You don’t need to do anything while you are seated on the recliner. Try bringing your mind to a neutral state and free yourself from all the thoughts that are lingering around your mind.

An amazing way to rejuvenate yourself.

Your Turn

What is your favourite thing you do while relaxing on the reclining chair? We would love to head about it. Share your thoughts and ideas using our contact form

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