5 Recliners That Perfectly Blend With Your Modern Office Furniture

One of the very basic thing that the modern offices look for while choosing a recliner for their office is whether the recliner goes well along with the contemporary office furniture that they already have.

You see, with the modern designs and decors gracing more and more offices, there is a lot of demand for contemporary office furniture and modern office furniture.

The Same trend continues even while choosing a reclining chair for the offices. Corporate offices usually look for a recliner that is not only of high quality but also looks good and matches their corporate style.

Given the wide range of reclining chairs available in office furniture outlets and online sources, it would be a time-consuming exercise to search and shortlist bunch of decent looking reclining chairs for one’s office.

No more worries. We have made your life easy by short listing 5 great looking reclining chairs that look not only good but also of excellent quality.

You can choose them for using in your office in executive rooms, meeting rooms, gym rooms or wherever you feel appropriate.

5 Good Looking Yet Sturdy Reclining Office Chairs

1. RelaxZen Massage Recliner with Heating Option

RelaxZen massage reclining chair graces your office with its contemporary looks and packs great features too.

It’s not just a reclining chair, but a massager too. 8 powerful motors with 9 pre-programmed massaging modes transform your sitting on this chair into an excellent relaxation session.

Your staff is going to love this one. (Read our full review here)

2. RelaxZen Leisure Massage Reclining Chair

This variant from RelaxZen slightly differs in looks from the first chair that we examined in this list.

This recliner also has massaging functions built in with 9 pre-programmed massaging options for you to experiment.

It also provides an additional feature of heat treatment to your lumbar area.

This reclining office chair comes with adjustable controls and has a wooden base.

This looks great in gym area of your office, and staff can enjoy a great relaxing session as well as a massage when they are done with their workout sessions.

See full features, price and rating.

3. Flash Furniture BT-7862 Recliner Office Chair

If you are looking for a recliner with contemporary looks and blends well with your modern office furniture, then you might just like this recliner.

This recliner doesn’t bore a drill in your pocket, in fact, it’s one of the cheapest recliners out there in the market.

We recommend this chair if you are looking for bulk buying and want an economically priced reclining chair for your office.

Note that there is no massaging feature in this chair, and it comes with separate ottoman (foot rest). Colour choices are available.

4. Flash Furniture Massaging Leather Recliner with Ottoman

We liked this massaging leather recliner because of its unique look and integration of various useful features that enhance overall relaxation quotient.

This massaging chair will be liked by your staff since they get a relaxing massage to their back, lumbar area, thighs and legs.

We felt that the price is little high when compared to other above models that we reviewed, but again, it’s all about style and decor and by paying a bit more upfront and get a recliner that provides you complete peace of mind (literally).

5. Aosom I3233 Office Recliner Massage Chair

We have another very cool looking recliner that can be used at your office.
This PU leather recliner comes with free ottoman and consists of massaging programs and heat treatment options.

We liked the wide armrests and the ample padding.

Best Reclining Office Chair Reviews and Buying Guide 2017