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Top 10 Reclining Office Chairs – Reviewed & Ranked, Updated for 2018

To ease your search for the good reclining chairs, we created a shortlisted collection of the best picks which is the result of our comprehensive research, careful comparison of features, price, and specs. Below are the best recliners for the money that we shortlisted and their individual reviews follow in subsequent sections.

Recliner ImageRecliner DetailsOur ScoreSee Price

BT-7862-BK-GG Recliner

Excellent choice if you are looking for a contemporary designed based recliner. Comes with an ottoman

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Flash Furniture BT-7821-BK-GG

A mid range, wood base product that comes with an ottoman and swiveling mahogany



Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Recliner Chair

Excellent choice if you are seeking for massaging features. It features 8 Motor, heat based massaging

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Merax Technical Reclining Chair

A perfect reclining desk chair for busy executives for taking a quick break for quality refreshing nap session



Flash Furniture Leather Executive Reclining Swivel Office Chair

Available in 4 exotic colours, this chair wins your heart because of its comfort factor and simple design



Flash Furniture BT-7818-BK Recliner

This chair brings elegance to your office cabin and provides a rich napping experience when you want to relax



Glamour Reclining Office Chair by Veelar

An entry level product that has some great features, offering you the relaxation and comfort you need during your busy office routine



Merax Contemporary Recliner Office Chair

A super economical entry level recliner chair that packs some cool features and offers value for money deal



Viva Leather Reclining Office Chair

A high back, bonded leather product for an all-day comfort and good back support



Homelegance 8548BRW-1 Swivel Reclining Chair

If you are looking for a stylish , modern recliner that enhances the decor of your office cabin, then don't look beyond Homeelegance 8548BRW-1

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BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Leather soft Recliner/Ottoman by Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture is a very well known brand in Recliner Office chairs.  BT-7862-BK-GG consists of Recliner and Ottoman set and has an elegant look!

This super comfortable recliner is perfect for office since it allows you to relax in your favorite position. This set features thickly padded arms and leather wrapped bases. It has a knob adjusting recliner with swivel seat. The durable upholstery allows for easy cleaning and regular care.

Product dimensions: 27.2*39*37.5 inches (width*depth*height respectively). It is available in 4 colors like black, brown, burgundy and cream.

We have written an in-depth review of this chair; you can read it here. Also, you can check the price of BT-7862 on Amazon

BT-7821-BK-GG Contemporary Leather Recliner/Ottoman

Here is one more high-quality model from the brand Flash Furniture.

This chair consists of swiveling Mahogany wood base which makes it stand out from rest of other chairs. Mahogany wood ranks among one of the finest furniture wood. Mahogany wood is also used for cabinets, guitar, and other musical instruments.

This model comes with the overstuffed padded Recliner and Ottoman set, lever recliner and ball-bearing swiveling base on the recliner. Durable upholstery makes the maintenance very easy. The thick padded arms and the tastefully exposed woodwork makes this design unique, and the ball-bearing swiveling base makes the swiveling effortless.

This reclining chair is perfect for office use.It is also ideal for reading a book.

>> Read full user reviews, ratings & price on Amazon

60-425111 Leisure Massage Reclining Chair

This recliner chair is from Relaxzen, which is another name for best recliner brands. This chair has an additional feature of massaging!

It consists of 8 vibrating massage motors to relax the upper back, mid back, thighs, and calves. It has 9 pre-programmed random modes for massage and 5 intensity levels.It provides excellent soothing heat treatment to the lumbar area.

In our offices, we sit almost in the same position for a couple of hours which leads to strain in shoulders, calf muscles, neck, and lower back. With this chair, one can relax for a while and rejuvenate himself. Packed with great features for relaxation, one feels refreshed after sitting for a while on this reclining chair and then get back to work with more focus and energy.

Read our detailed review or check price on Amazon

Merax Executive Recliner Office Chair

Here we have another mid-range, fully reclining office chair that allows busy executives to take a quick nap to relax and rejuvenate and regain the energy during office hours.

Merax is made up of leather and the design will appeal you. It comes with a good lumbar support system to reduce the ill-effects of long sitting work hours. Footrests are provided to offer that extra comfort. The chair can recline nicely to great extent and makes sure you have a quality quick napping hour.

>> Check Price of Merax Technical reclining office chair on Amazon

Flash Furniture High Back Black Leather Executive Reclining Office Chair by Flash Furniture

This executive reclining desk chair by Flash Furniture is a high back recliner swivel chair with padded headrest, and height adjustable footrest lever so one can easily adjust the height of the footrest according to his need.

With this chair, one can quickly go to reclined and comfortable position within seconds from sitting position with the help of the lever controlled recliner.

The chair is perfect for office use, as it gives the comfort of a recliner in an office chair as it consists of reclining back and adjustable footrest with the pneumatic seat height adjustment.

This model is available in 4 colors – black, white, brown and burgundy.

>> Check the Availability of this Chair on Amazon

Flash Furniture BT-7818-BK Contemporary Recliner Office Chair

If you are looking for a contemporary looking relaxing chair that blends with well with office cabin, then you can’t go wrong with BT-7818-BK, made by Flash Furniture. Boasting an elegant look, this product packs quite surprising features for its price.

The chair comes with an ottoman that is well padded, resulting in a comfortable experience when you decide to relax in short bursts during your hectic office day.

Offering an excellent reclining motion, the chair offers decent support for lower back. Overall, a great pick for your office, home-office or even for your home theatre setup!

>> Check Price of BT-7818-BK on Amazon

Glamour Reclining Executive Office Chair – Home Computer Desk Recliner Chair Black 8902-D01 by Veelar

Glamour reclining chair is from the Veelar brand, and it can be a great addition to your office furniture.

This executive office chair looks quite glamorous and elegant. Back cushions and deep seat make this chair very comfortable to sit on. It is made up of high-quality PU leather. The base consists of heavy-duty casters for greater stability; it also consists of 360-degree swivel, height adjustable gas cylinder, tilt and lock mechanism. You can adjust your reclining position by pressing a button given on the side.

This executive chair can also be used as a computer desk chair.

> Check Price of Glamour Recliner Chair on Amazon

Merax Contemporary Recliner Office Chair

Merax office chairs have been quite impressive with their affordable pricing when it comes to entry-level recliner chairs. We have shortlisted this contemporary office chair here not only because it’s excellent pricing but also because of value for money aspect.

This contemporary looking recliner is made up of PU leather and comes with a footrest. One you can recline up to a good degree and a 360-degree swivel is possible with this chair. The armrest and foot paddings are well-cushioned and bound to provide you with that relaxing experience.

We recommend Merax if you are seeking an economical recliner for office or looking for your first recliner for your home office.

> Check price of Merax Contemporary Recliner Office Chair on Amazon

Viva Leather Reclining Office Chair

Viva office reclining chair found itself in our top recliner’s list due to the fact that its stunning design and high scoring functional aspects. It’s a high-back ergonomic chair that can transform into a recliner in minutes and provide you with a soothing quick nap experience.

It has numerous adjustments and customisation options making it suitable for most of the people regardless of their height or weight. It can accommodate people up to 250 lbs.

>> Check Price of Viva Leather Recliner on Amazon

Homelegance 8548BRW-1 Swivel Reclining Chair

This is higher end recliner set which is more suitable for homes, however, that doesn’t stop it being used as a fashionable recliner set at offices as well.

It’s built with a faux leather and the chair is a 360-degree swivel capable. The chair and ottoman are padded with high-quality foam. Boasting a trendy look, this recliner is a blend of functionality and look.

>> Check the availability of this recliner on Amazon

What is a Reclining Office Desk Chair?

First, let’s explore the word “recline”. Recline means, lean back in a relaxed position with the back supported. As the name itself says, office recliner chair is a type of chair that has reclining back. So it provides most comfort to your back.

A reclining desk chair consists of two levers at the sides; one is to adjust the height of the chair, and the other is to recline the back up to 45 degrees. These chairs can be adjusted to numerous levels depending on one’s choice. We can make it to slightly inclined position or lie.

A reclining chair is an armchair that reclines when the occupant lowers the chair’s back and raises its front. It has a backrest that can be tilted back, and often a footrest that may be extended using a lever on the side of the chair, or may extend automatically when the back is reclined. Sitting on a reclining chair, you can work in a reclining position.  The people who are dealing with spinal injuries, these types of chairs can be a blessing.  A small table can also be attached to this chair for working.

A Recliner office chair consists of:

  • Hide-away footrest
  • Eight reclining positions for the ultimate in comfort
  • Reclines to a 45-degree angle with the footrest up or retracted

The Rise of  Reclining Office Chairs in the Modern Offices

Here is a question. Why do we need an office recliner chair when we are already having lots of other chairs and work desks at our offices?

You see, as an office employee or worker, you might be spending maximum time, sitting on chairs! In fact, we all spend most of our times by sitting on various types of chairs. 8 hours at the office, then when we come back to home, again on the different type of chair or sofa. Again, when we are doing some work at home, we sit on another chair. Which means that, let’s assume if we sleep around 8 hours, then we spend almost 12 hours on chairs.

So, a chair plays a vital role in our lives, whether it’s a plastic chair, wooden chair or office chair. When we come back from office to home, you feel tired and sometimes may experience neck pains, back pains and even leg pains.

These kinds of illnesses may be very well attributed to the sitting position and the type of chairs we use at our offices. Is your office chair has an excellent support for your back, neck. Does it have a footrest that provides you relaxing feeling? We tend to ignore these things and end up with lots of pains and restlessness because of long working hours.

If you are an office executive, you don’t want just to work sitting in the same position, but also want to relax by taking shorts burst of a break. Here is where the reclining office chairs come into the picture.

With a reclining desk chair, you need not worry about your poise of sitting and say goodbye to body pain problems that used to arise because of wrong sitting position. You can sit and work freely because of its ergonomic design and features that make you’re sitting much more comfortable than your regular office chair. A reclining chair is not only a great thing to have at the office, but you can have a one at your home too. Nowadays home-offices are converging, and many people work from home or even do lots of home-based work such as freelancers.

Because of the rich features and ergonomic factors, recliner office chairs have become quite popular among office executive and are fast occupying office cabins by replacing the regular office chairs. You might even consider a rocking recliner in case you want the additional movement while you are relaxing on it.

How to Choose the Best Reclining Office Chair? Buying Guide

While you are looking for a great quality recliner office chair, it’s crucial that you need to look for a well-established brand and the supplier. You also need to consider numerous other factors which we are going to share with you now below.

There are many factors to be considered while choosing an office recliner chair like technical factors such as height, size, mechanism, durability and economic aspects like headrest, footrest, back support, etc. Again, we have aesthetic elements such as color, fabric and so on.

There are reclining chairs with Ottoman and with massaging, wood base and metal base, the number of different brands and a variety of designs leaving you with lots of choices. However, it’s easy to get carried away and buy any good looking reclining chair and end up disappointing yourself because of either poor quality or lack of required features.

This is why one should do their homework before going to choose reclining chairs. To help you with the selection of a best quality recliner office chair, we are sharing 6 things to consider while buying a recliner office chair.

Footrest: The reclining chair may consist of a hideaway footrest, or it may come with the Ottoman depending on which chair you are choosing. The footrest should be adjustable according to one’s comfort and convenience. Footrest gives the best support to your calf muscles and makes you feel more relaxed while you are sitting on the chair.
See that the reclining chair, you are choosing has a good footrest provided.

Headrest: In reclining chairs, the headrest is designed in such a way that it will eliminate your neck pain and shoulder pain. You can sit with more comfort without any stress and strain.

Armrest: Armrest should be with adequate padding or cushioning and should have adjustable width and height which will help to maintain straight wrist posture that avoids carpal tunnel syndrome and reducing sore muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back. This allows you to work more comfortably without any pain.

Height: In reclining chairs, height is adjusted easily while sitting on the chair itself with the help of the lever given at the sides of the chair. You can adjust the height of your chair for good posture and can sit for a prolonged time without any pain. See that the chair has these adjustable controls for height.

Backrest: In the reclining chair, the backrest can be reclined to 45 degrees and more with the help of side lever. Backrest will give more support to your neck, shoulder and the lumbar curve of the low back. Adequate lumbar support is essential to avoid stress on your spine. Reclining chairs prevent the discomfort that is associated with sitting for extended periods of time.

Seat: The padding and design of the seat are more important. Overstuffed padded chair and Ottoman is preferred. The swivel seat is best which rotates 360 degrees. The genuine upholstered leather is ideal for reclining chair. Leather recliners are durable and beautiful and give superior comfort, cleanability, and longevity.

Base: Recliner office chairs have caster wheels and a five-point base, or they may also contain a ball-bearing swiveling base or wrapped base depending on the model you choose.

Importance of Ergonomics in a Reclining Office Chair

The advantages of recliner office chairs are attributed to their ergonomic design and adjustable controls; the reclining chairs are integrated with.

We will now explore the importance of ergonomics and how it plays a vital role in the design of reclining office chairs.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of work. It is derived from the Greek words “ergon”, which means work and “nomoi” means natural laws. By combining these two words, it gives the meaning, science of work and the person’s relationship to that work.

The principle of ergonomics: “The science of fitting the work to the user rather of forcing the user to fit the work”. Ergonomic also means human factors, human engineering.

Ergonomics helps manufacturers to design chairs that are specifically built keeping in mind of various workplace-related factors. These chairs are equipped with highly adjustable and flexible controls to meet the variety of postures and support different human body structures.

Because, a workplace is a home away from home, where billions of working professionals across the globe spend equal or more time how much they spend in their homes! On an average, people spend more than 6 hours sitting on the chairs and have to deal with lots of physical and cognitive issues resulting in loads of stress on the individual.

Thankfully, in modern day workplaces, a lot of emphasis is laid upon working conditions of office workers. Corporates are conducting lots of research to get the best of best furniture into their office setup so that their employees need not worry about health issues that arise because of poorly designed desks or chairs.

So, ergonomically designed furniture is the demand of the day.

Ergonomic chairs focus on realistic details

The design of any ergonomic office chair is inspired by suggestions and clues from everyday problems and issues faced by office workers.

Let’s take an everyday happening, realistic example: Since everyone has to sit for more than six hours (average)  daily on chairs to carry out their work in the office, and during this span of period, everyone’s body can shift to different sitting postures.

One can sit straight for few minutes, and then in the attentive period, the body changes its posture to some other kind of relaxation posture because body and mind trigger that sitting in the same position can lead to aches in the back and the spinal cord.

Problems like above cases led designers to incorporate adjustable controls which are flexible and easy for people sitting on the chair to change their postures according to their needs.

Sitting for long periods is dangerous

While ergonomically designed chairs are definitely of great help to office desk workers, it’s not really a good thing to sit for long hours without stretching your muscles in short bursts of a break.

It’s recommended that you take a break every 45 minutes and walk around to relax your leg muscles (improved blood circulation) and do simple stretching exercises. Take time to sip some water as well. Don’t forget that water is one of biggest anti-oxidant available for free !!

Read this article which explains, why sitting for long periods can take a toll on your body and what kind of injuries you may have to deal with.

Everyone’s body has a different structure, and ergonomic design understands that

Most of the reclining office chairs are ergonomically structured.

Ergonomics factor allowed designers to keep in mind of various body shapes and the expected postures they may change to while sitting. Because two body structures are never same, be it thighs, shin lengths or lumbar curves

Ergonomics chairs are made, considering all these factors.

It’s all about adjustable controls

In ergonomic reclining office chairs, you can find several adjustment controls like chair recline tilt, seat angle tilt adjustment, seat height and depth adjustment, backrest angle adjustment, armrest height and width adjustment, lumbar pump depth adjustment and height adjustment, finally headrest height adjustment.

Because of above flexibility, you may not experience than usual fatigue while sitting for long hours at your desk. If you are less stressed and feel less fatigue, naturally it leads to more productivity and quality at work. And corporates love that!

Benefits of Reclining Office Chair over a Traditional Office Chair

Reclining office chairs are finding their ways into numerous offices in recent days. And why not?

They offer lots of benefits to office executives and employees who work for long hours and now reclining chairs allow them to relax and continue work with more zeal and enthusiasm.

The problem with traditional office chairs

In our times, we spend most of our daytime in office and a desk job demands you to sit on chairs for long hours. Though it’s always advisable to do simple muscle relaxing exercises during your work hours, people are seldom able to regularly follow the exercise routine.

Now, the traditional office chairs are not bad. But they are designed to facilitate your work, not relax.

Why relax during office hours?  Because a relaxed and rejuvenated mind and body are just more productive and efficient.

People start to office in the morning and when they reach the office, they are fresh and energetic, start their work at a desk sitting on regular office chairs.

For the first fifteen to twenty minutes, it’s all fine with their sitting position. However, after some time they are already starting to experience a little pain in the neck , because in regular office chairs there is no proper support for the neck as they don’t have a headrest. Unfortunately, pains like these are ignored by office executives and the work is continued.

Later, they start to lift their elbows and start to stretch both hands as the chair does not have proper armrests. And in some chairs, we can not even adjust the height of the chair to make the armrests at equal height to the desk. In most of the time the desk is at more height and our hands will be in a position towards the desk hindering the proper blood circulation throughout the hands.

People then, start feeling some pulling sensation even in full hands and fingers. So this will also create a pain in shoulders, and now the pain is in neck, shoulders, and hands.

Next, comes the main part of our body which is our lower back that holds the full body weight. When we sit on a chair our total body weight falls on our lower back called lumber. So for lumbar area, a proper support is very essential. However, in our regular office chairs, we can’t get that support, because the chairs are same for all, the who is tall, short, lean or fatty and in which we cannot adjust anything.

After few hours of work, people start changing their sitting positions on the chair. But they never get the proper support for our back which starts paining. Though they take a couple of breaks such as for tea and lunch, they are again back to the same chair!

Prolonged sitting on improper chairs can start producing pains throughout our legs and thighs calf muscles, ankles and even the foot. We start to stretch the legs but never get complete relief from the pain/inconvenience.

Ignorance is (NOT) bliss, especially in the case of relaxation

So, we now know that sitting on improper chairs for long hours can cause pains in various parts of our bodies and the regular office chairs are not actually designed to help you relax a bit between your work.

Most of the people ignore the pains and some people even take painkillers for body pain every day because due to the pain they can’t get a good sleep. Addiction to painkillers is dangerous.

Since we are now aware of the fact that how the combination of prolonged sitting and improper office chairs can cause harmful effects on our bodies.

Next question arises, can a reclining office chair solve this problem? What are the benefits of reclining chairs over regular office chairs?

Advantages and Benefits of reclining chairs

A reclining chair is designed keeping in mind of various relaxing position a person feels comfortable, and the chair has those convenient adjustable controls.

Most importantly, reclining office chairs are made considering the various ergonomic factors.

Most of the modern recliner office chairs have,

  • Cushioned seat, headrest and armrests ( we can adjust the height of the armrests according to our comfort)
  • A cushioned footrest or ottoman ( which gives support to the legs)
  • A height adjustable lever through which we can adjust our chair height according to our comfort
  • One more lever to recline the back seat according to our comfort which gives a great support to lumbar region of our body
  • A 360 degrees swivel through which chair can be rotated effortlessly

Your Turn

So, considering the ergonomic design and benefits, reclining office chairs score excellent marks when compared to regular office chairs. After all, corporate culture will surely love the enhanced productivity due to bursts of relaxation breaks during work.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Reclining Office Chair From Online Sources?


Should I buy a reclining office chair online? (Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos)

You see, online shopping has become immensely popular over last decade, and you can shop for anything and everything online.

What’s more, you get your favorite items delivered to your doorstep for free, and you do get best deals to choose from.

Having highlighted that, when it comes to things like a reclining office chair, is it a good idea to buy it online?

At the core of this question, what needs to be observed is, online buying might prevent you from doing some of the following checks that you, otherwise do before you choose a reclining office chair,

  • You may want to sit and experience on the recliner chair and feel before you buy it
  • You may want to see what are the actual dimensions of the chair
  • You may want to confirm whether the chair suits to your body type or not
  • You may want to verify the quality and build of the chair physically
  • You want to do all of above because a reclining chair is a relaxing chair and you want to see what is the level of comfort; the chair is going to offer

Now, does buy a reclining chair online will allow you to do all of above verifications?

Certainly, not.

Does that mean, you should NOT buy things like reclining chairs from online?

The answer is not a simple yes or no.

In fact, the answer opened up a whole bunch of possible scenarios while choosing a reclining office chair (for that matter, any product) and we recommend that you read this article till the end to arrive at a conclusion.

Let’s get straight to the various scenarios.

Scenario 1: Go to nearest furniture store and buy a reclining chair from there


  • You can experience and feel the comfort level of reclining office chair
  • You can physically verify the dimensions and quality of leather, adjustable controls


  • It might not be feasible to locate an excellent furniture store. And it mostly depends on upon the locality you live
  • It’s time-consuming to hop from one store to another store in case you want to see another model of reclining chair
  • The store may not have a broad range of products related to recliners
  • You are not sure whether you are getting the best deal concerning price. The price will be higher in local stores than in online sources

Scenario 2: Go to online store, select your model and buy from local furniture store

Let’s see this hybrid model of choosing and purchasing a reclining chair. In this model, you browse the popular online store and shortlist 3-4 models of chair depending upon specifications, price, and ratings and then visit a local store to verify the product physically.

Not a bad idea 🙂


  • You have more chances of getting a better chair since you would be getting good deals and cross verifying physical product at local store
  • Time consumed in overall shopping process would be less since you already know which model to buy
  • Better negotiation with local store can happen since you know the best prices already


  • Your local store may not have the model you have chosen online
  • You may need to visit more than one local store to get the model you have chosen (Time consumed will be more)
  • A local store may not necessarily give you the same deal (price) you checked online. In this case, you have no choice, but to go with the offer the local store is giving you

Scenario 3: Choose and buy directly from online source by reading recliner chair reviews

In this fast-paced, mobile-driven shopping world, user reviews are acting as a barometer for determining and rating a quality product. You can visit trusted websites that write recliner reviews (you can check some reviews on our site as well) and compare various product and hit the buy button only after you gain a satisfactory understanding of the product.


  • Huge range to select from, since various suppliers are available
  • You can shortlist based on customer reviews (for example, Amazon customer reviews)
  • Quickly compare with other similar items online
  • Detailed specifications available to read
  • Get the best deals
  • Quick / Free Shipping
  • Money back guarantee is given by most of the online stores (at least Amazon offers this)
  • Overall, you can save 80% of time in locating a great quality reclining chair when compared to other methods


  • No option of physically verifying the product before buying

We compared 3 models of choosing and buying a reclining office chair. Hope it was informative and detailed enough to enable you to take a wise decision.

Coming back to the essence of this message whether to buy a reclining office chair online or not; Since, buying online has more advantages than cons, and also considering the enhanced convenience factor of door delivery, easy return policies (risk-free), online seems a very safe and obvious choice to us. To reaffirm this, we saw that reclining office chairs are widely bought by people regularly.

Best Reclining Office Chair Reviews and Buying Guide 2017